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All Martial Arts Schools are Not Equal


You're a person who looks for excellence. From schools and careers to doctors and healthcare professionals, you're careful about the choices you make in your life. The martial arts school in which you enroll yourself and your family should also be a carefully considered choice.

At indian Tiger Martial Arts Club in Dist. Baghpat, Indiana, we personally hand-pick and train our elite team of instructors who bring wisdom, experience, creativity, skill, humor, focus, and integrity to each class. Led by Black Belt Instructor, one of the most distinguished, highly-ranked, and recognized martial artists and martial arts instructors, indian Tiger Martial Arts Club's staff guides each student to his or her personal best.

Through commitment, respect, and dedication, our students discover self-respect and respect for others, the artistry in martial arts, and a powerfully for self-defense. indian Tiger Martial Arts Club students know they are part of something special, and know they have achieved a standard of training that is a cut above. We don't give belts away. Our students earn them.

Founded and run by Sensei Khiladi Pandit since 2012, indian Tiger Martial Arts in Baghpat is a Dojang encompassed in the fundamentals of traditional TaeKwonDo. But that is not all that iTMA has to offer.

While Tae Kwon Do is the backbone of all our instruction, other fighting arts have been adapted and incorporated into our integrated martial arts curriculum.

The various martial art forms include CJKD, GOJU RYU, Ju Jitsu, Kudo, Karate, Kick Boxing, concepts boxing, and street self-defense. These art forms have been selected in order to strengthen the attributes of each student. Each art form has its own strengths and weaknesses, and by combining them together we get a better more well-rounded fighter who is able to adapt to various situations whether it be for sport or protection.

Classes are held weekly and offer something for everyone. ITMA is perfect for young children who wish to learn the basics of martial arts. Students will learn respect for others, discipline, and self-control as they progress through the fundamentals of TaeKwonDo while exercising and improving balance. Junior classes are the next step for progressive students who wish to continue their education. Junior students will continue to learn TaeKwonDo, CJKD, GOJURYU, Karate, Kudo, Kick Boxing forms and drills which will become more intensive as they progress through the belt ranking system.

For those parents or other newcomers who are interested, we also offer adult classes which implement the integrated martial arts styles. Adult classes usually range in age from the late teens on up. Here, TaeKwonDo, Karate, CJKD will be the main emphasis for basics and the belt ranking system. Within each class will also be instruction on the various other forms from several professional instructors.


Black Belt 3rd DAN 

Taekwondo National Player,

KUDO International Player,

South Asian Gold Medalist in TAEKWONDO.


Black Belt 2nd DAN TAEKWONDO Korea.



********iNDIAN TIGER MARTIAL ART********

 iTMA in the year 2012 is the one of the Free Martial Art School For Martial Lovers. In This School has honest students integrated which is at Poornpoor Nawada. iTMA are situated on freehold land Shiv Mandir of village, have full infrastructure And Facility Are such as Boxing Bags,KickPads, and Fully Covered By Met, Water Facility and Volunteers, And All Type Of Coach For Martial Training. 

Our Philosophy


Have to be Cautious in all the Situation

Mahatma Gandhi - When someone slaps on your one cheek, the second cheek should be forwarded, he will forgive you himself, (but if he kills another slap, then after the second kills the third, then what is the use of learning martial arts?)
iTMA - When someone slaps a slap on your cheek, stop his hand, smile with a little love and say next time such a mistake will not be possible for me. Thats The Power Of Smile And Martial.                             



If The LOOSER Smile After Loosing The Game The WINNER Will LOST The Thrill of His VICTORY. So Always Smile In Every Situation...~BE INDIAN MY FRIEND~

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Studying Martial Art is an incredibly effective way for developing self-discipline. Many traditional styles including Karate, Judo, Taekwondo, CJKD, Goju Ryu and Kung Fu will have teaching styles and philosophy's that promote self-discipline.


Vill - PoornPur Nawada, Post Bhagot, Teh - Khekra, Baghpat 250101 UP, IN

Jay Maa Bhaarti


Sunday - Power Training, 2. Monday - Kick Practice, 3. Tuesday - Kick Practice, 4. Wednesday - Kata Practice, 5. Thursday -  Martial Art Technique, 6. Friday - Self Defense Technique,  7. Saturday - Gymnastic, Jiu Jitsu, Tei-Chi.